Yoga-ta Get This Blue

Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI, in my opinion (for another opinion, click here), is kinda boring by itself.  Just another navy blue with shimmers.  But when I added "Oh Baby!" (because my right hand had sheet marks on it...shhh!), my boring mani became awesomeness:

but only when the light hits it like this

 and the green in the sparkles really shows through.  

One of my friends commented on my nails, saying how it was cool how they changed from blue to purple.  I was a little disbelieving at first, and of course had to wiggle my fingers around.  Sure enough, they reflect purple too, but rarely, so I couldn't capture that on camera.

I've been experimenting with my background.  In the first few pictures, I set up some white paper, and thought they looked quite nice.  But then I couldn't get the green sparkle to come through.  So I gave up and retreated to the bay window for better lighting.

What d'ya think?  Anyone have any amazing tips for saving dinged up, scratched up, or sheet marked nails?

xoxo Emma


Michèle said...

Do you use a quickdrying top coat? No more sheet marks yay!

Emma said...

it's something or other sally hansen...to tide me over until i can get ahold of some seche vite...thanks!

you nailed it! said...

it looks like foil!