I won my 1st giveaway! kind of...

But not in the blogging world.

Last weekend was my high school's prom.  Yes, I'm still in high school.  Nail polish loving is for all ages.  I actually had my dance recital first, so my date and I were late to the prom and missed the meal.  But I had fun and he's a great guy (just friends, don't jump to conclusions!) and it was all worth it.  Cliché much?  Afterwards everyone's parents put together post prom, which is like a big after party in attempt to keep students from having their own, not-so-law-abiding parties.  There's a bunch of games, a hypnotist (I was much too shy to participate, although I did get a good many laughs), and a huge prize raffle.  Anyways, when my number was drawn, this is what I picked for my prize:
nail clippers and tweezers, nail polish remover, shaving cream, razor, foot lotion, foot scrub, and foot care kit

But wait! There's more!
a foot spa!

The only things I've had a chance to try out so far have been the razor (Venus Breeze) and shaving cream.  Honestly, it was the first time I'd ever bothered with shaving cream.  I wasn't sure if it was the razor or the shaving cream that made the difference.  My sister tried the shaving cream and liked it, so I think it must be both.  The razor is awesome!  Normally I shave about twice a week.  Now I think I could probably get away with just once.  Totally recommend it.  Sorry if that was a bit too much TMI personal hygiene. :P

I was happy for another bottle of nail polish remover.  Never can have too many of those.  Normally I use the nourishing version of Wal-mart brand remover, because the normal always leaves my nails weak and brittle.  I'm excited to try the strengthening version!

Normally I don't put to much work into foot care.  Now that I have the tools, why not have a at home spa day?  I'm soo looking forward to it!

xoxo Emma

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