Haul Time!

I attended a leadership convention last weekend, which was held in a downtown area.  I brought my stamping stuff, but neglected to bring any real polishes to do my friends' nails with.  So we hit up a baby Walgreens and I stocked up on Sinful Colors.  (Since it was a small Walgreens, they didn't carry any Milanis, which made me very sad...I shall continue my hunt for holos.)  We had lots of fun stamping...our advisor commented that the hallway outside our hotel room stank like remover, which was funny :)

Anyways, here is my Walgreens haul, and I ended up stopping at Claire's for two of their color changing nail polishes.  Glad I did!  Posts on those to come.

See You Soon, Daddy's Girl, Nail Junkie (how fitting!), Mint Apple, Boogie Nights, Cream Pink

Peaceful/Confident, Calm/Wild, Grape Going

I would have never picked out Cream Pink for myself.  I don't care for pinks at all.  But after doing my friend's mani...I couldn't resist.  I had to go back the next time we walked by, and now its on my toes.  Very neon, very awesome.  As for Grape Going, I was lured in by the duochrome flash.  Stupid girl!  I have a mini version of something similar to this from a gift set (which is gorgeous over black)...so I didn't really need this one after all!

here we are with our manis! (i'm the one on the left, still sporting my franken one)

and a few silly ones just for good measure!

sorry for the erased parts, but those are for their anonymity...

Now I'm going to experiment with layering Nail Junky, as I know I will never be able to wait for 5-6 coats to dry!

xoxo, Emma


Halifax said...

Hi Emma, the colour of your text is too light with white background. I can't see anything you wrote unless I highlight them all. Thought you should know

Emma said...

do you read on google reader? cuz it all looks fine from my computer! thanks for letting me know :)