Nail Envy Nail Strengthener by OPI

Happy Easter by the way!

Not gonna lie.  This stuff is the BOMB!  It's only the mini size, but when it's gone I'll be getting the full size for sure.  I got this from my lovely aunt (my little cousin, according to the label, but I know better :) ) for Christmas.  Before this miracle in a bottle, I could never get my nails much past the edge of my finger tips before they split, tore, or a combination of the two.  Now I have these awesome talons!

When I paint my nails, I use this as my base coat.  The bottle says to reapply everyday for a week, and then take it all of.  But I like cool colors on my fingers, so this is fast enough for me.

My nails grew well from Christmas to about Valentine's day, when I had multiple bad breaks and had to hack them all off.  I haven't had any problems since.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep growing my nails until summer, when I'll be doing a lot of work with my hands and won't be able to keep my nails long.  Cross my fingers!

What are your favorite nail protectors, strengtheners, ect?

xoxo Emma


agentsshottie007 said...

It IS my HOLY GRAIL of nail protectors!! Along with Sally Hansen's Triple Strength. I tried Nail Tek Foundation II the base and top coat and it just did not do it for me.

Before O.P.I.'s Nail Envy Original fORMULA...my nails would grow long and then would just break and peel. With O.P.I.N.E.O.F., my nails are strong, they grow faster no more peels, breaks or weak nails!
Now I switched to Sally Hansen's Triple Strength Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier...and wow it's even better that O.P.I.N.E.O.F.!

My nails are really, really, really strong! I also use their Vitamin E Cuticle oil and my nail beds are now gorgeous and clean.

I'll be using O.P.I.'s Nail Envy Maintenance soon because too much of a strengthener on the nails weakens them along with showers, drawing, dancing, cello playing, constantly washing my hands and dryness. My nails suffer quite a bit!

agentsshottie007 said...

*[...]it's better than [...]

Emma said...

cool! i'll have to pick some of those up!