Look at What I Found!

I recently had a college visit in a time zone behind the one I live in, and so naturally, against my wishes, my body chose to wake up according to my normal schedule.  Grrr!  Anyways, with an hour to kill, my mom and I took a quick trip to the Dollar General.  And look at what I found, these little beauties!

I really can't wait to try these out!

xoxo Emma


ThRiSzHa said...

nice.. i always wanted to have this striping polish coz of the very fine brush.. have u seen the holo of this?

Emma said...

no...but that's because i've been to busy to try them out yet!

shortnails said...

don't you love it when you find something awesome at the dollar store? at first I wanted to get the silver and was going to order it online for $4 but then suddenly I saw it in my local dollar store. totally awesome find.

I find the white to be pretty good.......then gets gooppy fast =(

but works well for nail stamping

Emma said...

yes...great deals are the best!
thanks for the heads up about the white!