Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie"

Here is the first of my recently acquired Sinful Colors.  This one is my favorite of the bunch, both for the color and the name.  I used two coats of white underneath (Sally Hansen French Tip, which I also used in my franken and believe its to blame for the horrible streaking), and three coats of "Nail Junkie".  On to the pictures!

For some reason, this color reminds me of a certain mermaid Barbie my sister used to have, who had a tail similar in color with lots of sparkles!  I'm really excited to try layering this over other colors, including black and navy blue.  What do you think?

xoxo Emma

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shortnails said...

this is really nice

it looks like the child of china glaze atlantis. almost a dupe but with a bit smaller glitter. i think a gold konad over it would look nice too