My Nails...Naked

Homework vs. blogosphere...hmm...I think it's obvious who won!

So here are my nails, minus any polish, basecoat, ect.  Feel self conscious about your own nails?  No one is perfect (ok, there's a few exceptions, Scrangie comes to mind for me).  I had an unfortunate encounter with a car door when I was younger, leaving my right hand middle finger not very aesthetic.  Pretty much, the nail grows crooked and the nuckle cuticle are weird shaped.  Hence all pictures will be taken of my left hand.

Now here's my good hand...

We can only change what we've been given to some extent.  Short fingers, fat fingers, crooked fingers...don't let them come between you and nail art (similar to the relationship to body shape and personal style).  Go for it!  


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