A Disco Ball on My Nails!

I should really get the "lazy blogger" award.  I have no issue trying to find time to read other blogs, paint my nails, paint my friends' nails, take pictures (not as soon as I should, but before they get too chipped), and upload pictures...but somewhere along the way I lose the drive to actually post the pictures here.  So maybe a good idea would be to save a bunch of draft and periodically post them.  I dunno! But onto my disco ball from the vault...

OPI "Nail Envy" nail growth stimulater
free handed french tips using Wet n' Wild "French White"
konad bow using m59 in special polish in black
2 coats of Pure Ice "Oh Baby!"
2 coats of Wet n' Wild "Kaleidoscope"
and a topcoat, can't remember what though

In this one my nails are short (they're much longer now, since this was taken a month ago, gasp!), and my hands were really dry.  Thank goodness the weather has warmed up much since!  As much as I love this bow in other blogger's konadicures, I can't really say that I like it on myself.  My nails are too narrow and curved, so the image is distorted :P Perhaps it would look better on my thumb.

Oh, and I really adore glitter (made much easier with the foil removal trick).  See how it sparkles?

xoxo Emma


susies1955 said...

Hi Emma,
Just found your blog and am following. I love Konading.
Very pretty manicure. :)
I also post to my blog just as soon as I have the photos.
You can gain tons of followers by posting to other peoples blogs. :)
Have fun and I'll be watching,

Emma said...

aww thanks! my first comment ever! but i've got to admit i much prefer reading to blogging...